10 Eccentric Places People Went For YouTube

YouTube is the biggest platform to showcase whatever you want, and it has become a wonderful platform for travel enthusiasts to share their experiences. However, some people have taken their passion for travel a step further and have even risked their lives to explore dangerous places to upload their experience on YouTube. From crime-infested places to the land of death, these YouTubers have gone too far for YouTube. Let’s see such people who might have put their videos above all else.

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1. Kurt Caz, a South African YouTuber risked his life while shooting a video. He was left alone atop a hill in the shantytown Rimac in Lima, Peru. He wanders through near-deserted streets, despite people warning him not to wander around or he will be robbed or killed. 

Kurt Caz
Image credits: Kurt Caz/Youtube, Mark Green/Shutterstock.com

A young South African YouTuber, Kurt Caz, is a travel blogger and thrill seeker. He tests his luck again and again by going to places where trouble awaits and posts his experience on YouTube. One such place he went was in Peru, the shantytown Rímac. a ghetto of northern Lima.

He was alone atop a hill finding his way out, wandering through the near-deserted streets of Peru. The locals in the area were warning him not to go towards the slum area. They warned him “It’s dangerous and you can be robbed or killed.”

Despite being warned, he goes there for an adrenaline rush. After a while, he came across a shady tuk-tuk driver who took him to the summit. The driver was making hushed phone calls and was insisting Kurt stay. Kurt found it suspicious and got out of the vehicle. While coming back down from the hill, he was in his most vulnerable position and was counting his every breath because he could be robbed or killed at any time. (Source)

2. Peter Popluhár, a Slovak YouTuber had his most dangerous travel experience when he arrived in Cameroon during a rebel movement. He arrived on a cargo ship, and despite being warned by local police to return, he chose to stay and had to finally evacuate in a midnight run organized by the Czech embassy to a safer region of Cameroon.

Peter Popluhár is a Slovak YouTuber who is best known online as “PPPeter.” He faced a life-threatening situation for the first time in all his travel experiences where he wasn’t even sure that he’d stay alive or not. When Peter arrived at Tiko on a cargo ship from Nigeria when there was a rebel movement going on in Cameroon.

He was staying just a few hundred meters away from where a mass shooting was going on. The local police insisted on sending him back to Nigeria but Peter wasn’t in favor of going back. He spent the following three days in terror in the cargo ship.

He got in contact with the Czech embassy who organized a heart-racing midnight run in a car to the safer, French-speaking region of Cameroon. Peter confessed that even after surviving food poisoning multiple times and life-threatening malaria, he was never in a situation like this before. He says he was most afraid at that time in his entire life. (Source)

3. Shiey, a US-based YouTuber, is known for his several visits to Chernobyl. He has gone to the restricted exclusion zone, explored shabby buildings, and spent a night in an empty apartment. He even climbed Duga radar, a 500-foot-tall, giant Soviet-era contraption. His videos have been criticized for visiting Chernobyl, but we can’t ignore his sense of adventure.

Duga Radar
Duga Radar

Shiey is a US-based YouTuber who is famous for his dangerous travel videos of Chernobyl. He has visited Chernobyl several times and has explored restricted places of Chernobyl that no one else could have imagined. He brought his two friends along for his last trip to Chernobyl. It was an all-night trek through abandoned villages, forests, and deep rivers in Ukraine.

He shows the side of the exclusion zone to his viewers that many of the tourists never dared to explore. He explores the shabby buildings of the city by avoiding the regular security patrols and spent a night in one of the empty apartments.

His next-level crazy move was when he fearlessly climbed high up the 500-foot-tall Duga radar installation which is a giant Soviet-era contraption. Shiey’s videos are a subject of debate over the ethics of visiting such places, but we can’t ignore his boldness and marvel at how intriguing his videos are. (1, 2)

4. Jacob Laukaitis, a Lithuanian YouTuber, visited Syria to explore the country. He interviewed locals, showed surreal Syrian landscapes, videoed bombed-out buildings and shell-cratered streets, visited fancy coffee shops, and even an up-scale shopping mall. He depicted Syrian people in a positive light in spite of the negative coverage they get.

Image credits: Jacob Laukaitis/Youtube

We have seen Syrian wars, bomb blasts, crimes, and all the negative aspects of Syria. This is the reason Syria is never a country that would be on anyone’s top bucket list now. However, a Lithuanian YouTuber, Jacob Laukaitis, used the opportunity of visiting Syria to really investigate the core of the country and uncover the real Syria.

He interviewed locals, shot the amazing landscapes of Syria, and also included short details of the places he visited. He witnessed the bombed-out buildings and destroyed streets of Syrian cities. While visiting these places, he got emotional thinking of how many people died and suffered during the civil war. His videos take viewers from beautiful to horrendous scenes of Syria.

In his video, he showed modern life in Damascus to the dreadful scenes of Aleppo. He also explored fancy coffee shops and malls in the capital and tried to depict Syria in a positive light in contrast to the negative media coverage they usually get. (Source)

5. Mike Corey, a Canadian travel vlogger, visited the Darvaza Gas Crater, famously known as “Door to Hell,” in Turkmenistan. It’s a massive pit of burning fire that has been burning since the 1970s. In his trip to the Door to Hell, Mike took full advantage of burning fire and roasted marshmallows while risking his life.

Darvaza Gas Crater
Darvaza Gas Crater

The Darvaza Gas Crater, popularly known as “Door to Hell,” is a huge, 230-foot- wide pit of burning fire that has been burning since the 1970s. This massive burning pit was accidentally created when a Soviet drilling rig punched into a massive underground natural gas cavern and the ground collapsed. When the poisonous fumes began leaking, the Soviets set the hole alight to stop the gas from causing harm to the environment.

Surprisingly, the pit is still burning and is attractive to many tourists. A Canadian travel vlogger, Mike Corey, on his trip to Turkmenistan visited this massive burning pit just to roast marshmallows. In his video, he was seen getting in a conversation with a Turkmen family from Ashgabat and sharing a meal with them. Then he roasts marshmallows over the least likely of campfires and shoots captivative shots of the “Door to Hell”. (Source)

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